Hypocrisy Redefined

Hypocrisy 1The hypocrisy that the Bible talks about is not about conscious pretending. That hypocrisy is really about doing something without understanding its ultimate purpose. Some people refer to hypocrisy as being asleep but simulating reality. The movie Matrix captures the concept very well. Are you here really or are you asleep in a shared dream simulating reality? Why are you doing what you are doing? Are you aware? Are you present? Or are you on autopilot, drifting through life completely controlled and helpless to wake up?

Why are you a Christian for instance, really? What is your ultimate purpose for being a Christian? Are you scared of going to hell and are trying to avoid it? Or are you trying to ensure to go to heaven? Are you making a wise investment for your eternal future?

Are you perhaps trying to enjoy this life by pursuing instant gratification? The Bible has several nice promises that could improve your life right now here on earth. Do you have issues that you want God to resolve for you? Would you still be a Christian if things got so tough that it was difficult to be a Christian? Do you think you can live and die for your Christian convictions? Over the ages, Christians have paid dearly for their faith.

How serious are you with your faith? Are you simply following a family tradition? Is it a community tradition? Is it a national tradition? Is it something you do to be politically correct or to fit in?

chameleon-1398792Why do you preach? Do you want to show off how brilliant you are? Are you so fond of your voice that you want to get an audience for it? Are you a control freak? Are you trying to control people? Do you feel you have a special message help others? In your opinion, is preaching the best way to reach out to others? Why are you a Christian, really?

When you are not clear about why you are a Christian, you will be swept away by all kinds of doctrines. You will not have the centredness of your identity and your true calling. You will be a weak Christian who follows every fad but ends up being excellent at none. You will have a hollow feeling at the pit of your stomach because you know that you are a hypocrite.

Hypocrites are people who do not know or understand why they are doing what they are doing. I am a hypocrite a few times a day. A hypocrite is someone who refuses to face up to their truth. They choose to flow with the crowd without having any personal convictions. They have no convictions because of laziness sometimes. They are afraid of finding their own authentic selves and living from there.

In typical hypocrisy, the victim is unaware he is practicing hypocrisy. Take the Mosaic Law for instance. The Mosaic Law was given to enforce basic standards for living together in harmony. But the ultimate purpose of God for us in everything including in the Mosaic Law was for us to be united in love and be one with God Himself and with each other.

Most of the religious leaders of that time thought that the Law was an end in itself. They felt gratified to stick to verifiable observation of the Law so that they could approve or disapprove each other. The Law was a means to an end. It was supposed to be pointing to a higher cause. The leaders totally missed the entire point of God’s purpose and design for mankind.

We have already seen that the Bible in Proverbs 4:7 says: Wisdom is the principal thing; therefore get wisdom: and with all thy getting get understanding.

In John 8:32, Jesus said that you will know the truth and the truth will set you free. It is the truth that you know that will set you free. But you have to seek it. You have to interrogate for it. You have to search for it. God lamented that His people are suffering for lack of knowledge.

Most people think that the quest for knowledge is not compatible with Christianity and faith. Clearly the Bible states otherwise. Seek knowledge, seek understanding, and seek insight.

As a human being, you have been given power to seek and find, to knock and the door would be opened for you, and to ask and receive. Whatever we seek, God is faith to provide us. More than anything, God wants to provide us with knowledge, understanding and insight. Yet the path to understanding is narrow and not many people go on it. Most people choose the wide road where there is no thought. You just dream and join others who dream. So we will do this again:

Why are we here? Why are we Christians? Why should we be Christians? Or why should we not be Christians? Why were we designed or created the way we are? What is the purpose of our life?

The more I think and seek answers about it, the more I am convinced we are designed to receive the radical love of God and to apply it in our lives and to our world on a daily basis. As Christians, I believe that we are called to live in unity glued together with God’s radical love for mankind as demonstrated by the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. I believe that when we miss this important truth, we inadvertently become hypocrites.

And I believe that the best starting point is to receive and experience God’s radical in your life first hand. And based on that love, you can craft your life to reflect this powerful force in the world.

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