Created in the image of God

mirrorWhen the Bible tells us that we are created in the image of God, it means we look like God physically, emotionally and intellectually. And it might mean a lot other things but, ultimately, I believe God is relational and He has created us to be relational. From a design point of view, whatever else God may be, He is in my opinion extremely relational. He just loves relationships. Take a look at some of points I found from normal observation and from the Bible:

Proof that we are created in the image of a relational God

  • Normally, parents are inclined to love their children. We are the image of God in that way. God loves us very much as His children.
  • Universally, in every society, the greeting is identical. We all begin by asking about how the other person is doing. Universally therefore a greeting is meant to facilitate relationship.
  • Prisons and correctional facilities consider isolation or solitary confinement the highest form of punishment. Violent criminals are deprived of any type of interaction.
  • When God created Adam, while man was without sin and was in the perfect and beautiful Garden of Eden, God saw that it was not good for man to be alone. He made him a wife, Eve, for relationship.
  • When Jesus prayed in John 17, He asked God to help Christians to be one, just as Jesus and God are one out of relationship.
  • Jesus told his disciples to abide in him just as Jesus abode in them.
  • Every great move of God has happened only when people related successfully with each other. The Holy Spirit came down in the upper room when the first Christians came together in love and one accord. God added to their numbers when they lived in one accord.
  • Even at the time God was creating man, He invoked relationship of the Trinity: Let’s us create… (Gen 1:26).
  • Jesus is the express image of the Father. Jesus was relational. His birth and life is predicated on relationship. He was adopted by Joseph, with a lineage that includes gentile women. His first act of ministry was to appoint disciples to work with.

Could all of Christianity be primarily predicated on having relationships? Relationship with God and relationship with others? And supposing that this were true, could we consider hypocrisy all practice of Christianity that failed to promote relationship as it main goal? Check out Hypocrisy Redefined for a continuation into understanding the hypocrisy the Bible talks about.

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