Encountering Your Designer, How to receive the love of God


Finally! A Step-by-Step Process on How to encounter God as your Designer, and receive His Radical Love in Your Life, Revitalise Your Relationship with Him, and Get the Real Fun of Christianity that has Always been Missing in Your Life

Dear Beloved in the Lord,

I have a few questions for you that could help you experience victory in your life today:

  • Do you ever feel frustrated that your prayer life (and fasting if at all there), your Bible reading or any other aspect of your spiritual life are not adequate to allow you to lead a victorious life?
  • Do continuously hope and secretly wish for a moment when you can finally have the confidence to know for sure that your Christian life is on track for a compelling testimony that you can be pleased with for the kingdom of God?
  • Do you constantly find yourself trying hard to justify why your Christian life does not live up to the life of the first Christian disciples, or worse, you avoid facing the truth of the disaster your spiritual life is?
  • Do you ever find yourself on a constant learning loop where you keep learning various aspects of Christianity and there seems to be no end in sight? Have you spent decades learning a lot about spirituality but yet you still don’t know anything, and it still feels like you have barely scratched the surface? Have you ever been on the verge of something tangible finally only to discover that it was a mirage, a false bottom, and you still needed to learn yet another entirely new field? And meanwhile your life continues floating in no particular direction?

If this is you, then don’t despair, you are not alone. Most Christians are in that exact same situation as we speak right now. They lack the confidence in their Christian identity despite their best efforts. They continue to exert their own self effort to get out the feeling of inadequacy but to no avail.

Perhaps the good news I can share with you right now is this: it is not your fault. Don’t blame yourself. I have been in that exact situation myself for most of my spiritual life. Let me quickly introduce myself so that you can appreciate where I am coming from.

My name is John Kabaghe, and for the past few years, I have been maintaining the blog www.encounteringyourdesigner.com specifically on knowing God and discovering His radical love for mankind.

This is however is not where I started from when I became a born again Christian in 1988. I gave my life to the Lord in my early teenage years. For the next 3 to 4 years, I was on fire for the Lord getting involved in all types of church activities, and always ready to do anything for God.

But I remember one day when my dear cousin and spiritual mentor, Mildred (not her real name), who had witnessed to me to give my life to Jesus, told me that I needed to fast and then pray and do a few other things because I had a sin that needed to be got rid of. She said I was grieving the Holy Spirit. I remember standing there feeling so impotent and useless for so many reasons. I could not prophesy yet, I had not yet managed to heal the sick, and I had not yet performed a single miracle. I remember telling Mildred, “There is no winning in this Christian thing. Every time I try to do one thing, there are always three to ten other things I must do. I don’t think it is winnable. Perhaps Christianity is not my thing after all.”

I remember that soon afterwards, a couple of months later, I just drop out of the whole Christian thing. I stopped being active in church, and I made no attempt to associate with others who called themselves Christians. And for 20 some years, that was my life until I came across the teaching of God’s grace a few years ago.

Once I got exposed to the teaching of God’s grace, I began to understand God at a deeper level. I began to understand the character of God and how deeply He loved mankind. Soon, I realized that God’s radical love for mankind was the only aspect that He had meant for us to know. And until we know this for sure, we are enslaved to a life of defeat and lack.

Through His grace, I began to see a different God. I began to have a different understanding of God and how He radically loves me. And God continued to put His message of love in my heart slowly but surely. Until I had all the ideas that I present in my new book

Encountering Your Designer

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What I have discovered is that the way you see God determines everything that happens to you. And most Christians are taught of the character of God that is neither accurate nor definitive of God. Without encountering God for the unique perspective of how He designed and created us, and without understand the central role that God’s loving character plays in everything spiritual, there is no way to escape from this dry defeated life that has become widely accepted as Christianity.

And let me be level with you here. Encountering God is not about head knowledge or logical explanations. It is about heart experience and connection. It is not something one has to debate and win over, rather it is something God’s spirit must witness to you directly in your heart for you to get this breakthrough.

In this book, I am sharing with you truths that I have discovered after the seed of God’s love had been planted in my heart. It is my prayer that through sharing with you this revelation, you too could receive this seed in your heart.

Here are some the topics I cover in the book

  • Understanding God from how He created and designed you. You are created in God’s image. If God had a mirror, and wanted to look at Himself, He would see you. What is the significance of being created in God’s image? What does mankind reveal to us about God?
  • Discovering the comprehensive perspective on man’s creation. You will understand God from how He designed mankind and created the world. We go to before creation to take a peek at who God is outside time and space, and how we got here.
  • Exploring the nature of God’s love. Why and how He loves us. How our very creation is meant to show us God’s goodness.
  • God’s love and suffering in the world. If God is so loving, how come there is so much pain and suffering in the world?
  • Exploring the lives of Biblical heroes and how they experienced the love of God in their lives and went on to have compelling testimonies.
  • Examining Jesus’ mission on earth and how his life is God’s demonstration of His love to mankind. We look at how Jesus exemplifies God’s love.
  • How the modern church has missed its true calling to spread the love of God to all mankind. Instead of focusing on this important calling, the church has focused on periphery issues.
  • The role of the Holy Spirit in bring home the love of God to our hearts.


In John 17:3, Jesus said: eternal life is to know the one true God. Salvation is about knowing the one true God, not His aspects, His attributes or His hazy mysterious reflection shrouded in vague spiritual terms. It is about knowing God clearly, adequately and confidently. My prayer is that through reading this book, you will understand the extent of God’s love for you and believe that this is true for you personally in your life.

Encountering Your Designer

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LogoThis book is for anyone who wants to

  • Enjoy a vibrant fun relationship with God without pain and sweating through the never-ending performances
  • Get out of the trap of performance-based Christianity where some charlatan preachers take advantage to advance their personal agenda
  • Deal decisively with anxiety, fear, and apprehension about Christianity and how to face difficult situations
  • Focus on better stronger relationships with others. It all starts with our relationship with God, our designer and creator
  • Have a complete philosophy and understanding of Christian basics in a succinct manner
  • Understand the Bible in a fresh and powerful way so that you can lead a life of victory and recognize inaccurate doctrine
  • Have a solid fresh approach to outreach and evangelism in the true spirit of God.
  • Answer some of the questions that someone having a crisis of faith would ask. If someone is questioning the existence of God, Encountering your Designer provides you with some concepts to help in that regard
  • Have a comprehensive background and focused understanding of the radical love of God for mankind or grace
  • Gain an understanding of the mechanics of how the love of God facilitates our Christian transformation, and the love of God is the basis of everything Christian
  • Find their true calling in ministry whether as a theologian or a lay minister. Encountering your designer will call you back to focus on God’s love for mankind and how you can keep that front and center of your mission

Encountering Your Designer

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Do you ever feel that the modern church appears to have missed its true calling? Do you notice how sometimes the church is going off in the wrong direction, conforming to standards of the world instead of promoting God’s standards? I do see this all the time. Before even understanding why, I have always known that a lot of the doctrines taught on Sundays were not quite right. They emphasise and encourage performance.

Do you get frustrated that Christians continue to give a bad testimony in society? Do you ever get concerned that Christians can sometimes be the meanest unkind self-absorbed and intolerant bunch in society? Do you ever wonder if there is anything you could do?

Perhaps the best place to start with in dealing with this weirdness in the church is to go back to what the church understands about God. Perhaps the church needs to get reacquainted with the true character of God. Perhaps encountering God could solve most of those issues.

In Encountering your Designer, I have included a lot of practical examples of some the weirdness that goes on in church that you can avoid, and where possible, point to the true spirit of the Bible.

Do not just start on this crusade of church reforms, get into it with the right attitude.

Encountering Your Designer

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I wrote this book and maintain my blog at www.encounteringyourdesigner.com because I know two things:

That someone like me has been groping in the dark desiring to know God as our loving creator but finding very few resources in the church and online.

That someone, like me, has been despairing looking for answers about how to finally turn the corner and lead a victorious life in Christianity.

Encountering God as your Designer is the answer.

Encountering Your Designer will come out in January 2016. Subscribe to reserve your copy.


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