God as an investor

I really believe to my core that every person in this world has the ability to impress God, and I believe that, once in a while, every now and again, we do impress God. We saw how Jesus was impressed by the faith some people demonstrated. God got impressed with Abraham and King David. A little bit of kindness and faith is all it takes to please God. It is not so much how you slave away to live up to some code of behaviour as much as it is about developing empathy and reaching out to others to connect with them in sincerity and in the love of God.

Technically speaking, by the way, Abraham was not a Christian when he impressed God. Truth be told, God gets impressed with people who are not even Christians every now and again. God knows them. And once in a while, they stumble upon God’s design and execute something God designed without knowing it.

Today, I wanted to share with you that God took a gamble on you, and that this gamble is paying off. Today more and more people are becoming aware that God is not just a divine policeman ready to book you for your sins. More than anything else, He is our heavenly Father.

And lately I am beginning to see Him as a wise investor. God saw you and I well in advance and decided that we were well worth the sacrifice His Son Jesus would make. God gambled that you and I would be able to grasp and understand the radical love He has for us. It was a step of faith. God had to have faith in us, in our ability to open up to the truth of His love. He had faith that once we received His love, we would be good stewards and steward it to the church and to the world. And God’s faith has paid off too. Today, we are people of all nations, speaking different languages, with different outlooks on life and everything else in between, yet we are united by the love of this amazing God.

Today millions upon millions of people come together to worship this God. Today millions more have invested their lives, time, money, and efforts to share this radical love of God. Today, the investment God made over two thousand years ago is paying off. And God is pleased with the return on His investment. Heaven is overjoyed with how engaging the Gospel of God’s love is being propagated, and how so many people are receiving it and acting on it. Heaven is overjoyed that we have not hardened our hearts to this message.

I just thank God for you and your interest in the word of God and in His love for mankind. You make it all the worthwhile for me and my team to maintain this website and continue to share the love of God every week.

Have a blessed week knowing that you do make God smile every time you remember His radical love for you. Treasure that love, and bask in it as often as you can.

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