How to find God

god-talking-to-usIf you had asked me some months ago how to find God, I could have stumbled a bit and probably asked you to pray about it so that the Holy Spirit could help you find God. I also expect that the contemporary church would tell something similar.

The last few months, I have discovered that it your perspective on the character of God more than anything else that determines how you will find God in your life. If you are looking for a  God who is hard to find, you will tend to have a hard time to find Him. If you are looking for a God who is stringent on His laws, you will only find tough Christian doctrines that are impossible to follow. If you are looking for a loving, kind, gentle, patient God, you will find God so easily and so much fun. Am I saying that God is whatever we imagine? No. God is His word.

God is Jesus. Jesus is Emmanuel: God with us. If you want to find God, you have to know that Jesus is pound for pound, molecule for molecule, exactly the same as God. Jesus was kind. He asked ‘the little brats’ his disciples were chasing away to come to him. God is exactly the same way. Jesus forgave the woman who was caught in the very act of adultery. God is exactly the same way. Jesus was extremely patient with Judas Iscariot who he knew would eventually betray him. God is exactly the same way: He loves His children and those who hate Him.

If you are looking for the God whose express image is Jesus, then I have great news for you. That God is love. He loves you unconditionally and unequivocally. He is always available for you and is already looking to have an interactive loving relationship with you.

Most people talk about God as an intelligent being out there in the cosmos. God is the loving being right here on earth. He created the world and designed everything in it just to demonstrate how much He loves mankind. He sent Jesus to reveal the extent of that love for you.

For you or anyone to find God and enjoy true relationship, you must first know Him as love. You will then find Him easily in your life and in the world around you.

As you begin to understand God as love, I will not underplay the importance of experiencing the love of God directly in your heart. I want you to pray to this loving God who has always wanted to share with you His goodness and love, and ask Him to share with an experience that gives a witness of His love in your life. Ask everything in the name of Jesus. Ask for evidence to come to your heart. God is faithful. He will answer you. This is how to find God. I would like to hear your experience. Please share with me below.

God bless you.

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