How to receive God’s love

I grew up thinking that receiving God’s love was complicated requiring a special kind of person and lots of determination. I thought that only some type of people could receive God’s love, and only after they worked so hard at it or got some kind of a break. Like an angelic visitation.

I have discovered since that receiving God’s love is the easiest thing to do. It is all about knowing how much God loves. I have written a book, Receiving God’s Love. In it, I go into greater detail about how to receive God’s love. But the basis is this: the Greatest Commandment in the Bible is “love God and love your neighbour.” But receiving God’s love depends on the fact that you are created in the image of God. Being created in the image of God means that whatever applies to you also applies to God. Therefore when you look at the Greatest Commandment, you are also looking at God’s Greatest Motto: God loves you with all His mind, heart, soul, and strength. And God loves your neighbour as much as He love you.

God sent Jesus to show you how much He loves you. God sent Jesus to make you aware of the extent of His love for you. When I read John 3:16 with this mindset, here is how I understand it. For God so loved the world that He sent His only begotten Son into the world to demonstrate the extent of this love. Anyone who believes the level of God’s love for the world as Jesus demonstrated it, shall not perish, but shall have eternal life.

In John 17: 3, Jesus describes eternal life as knowing God and Jesus Christ. Eternal life therefore is knowing how much God loves. From creation, God loved us so much that He could go to the cross just to have relationship with us. When Jesus came, he went to the cross on two levels

  1. He was demonstrating that God loves us enough to suffer and pay His only life in order to show us that love.
  2. Being God the Son, Jesus was in fact Himself dying on the cross to show us His love. Emmanuel, God with us.

The blood of Jesus is special therefore not just because Jesus’s DNA is part God and part human being, but especially because of the awesome love that motivated Jesus to shed his blood: the awesome love of God.

Christianity is all about knowing, developing awareness, or becoming conscious of God’s love. So far, while writing Receiving God’s Love, I have become aware of God’s love for me. I am still working on understanding God’s love for other people. Frankly, I find that other people are too unlovable, just too selfish. My mind struggles to accept that God loves even them. Yet God loves the good the bad and ugly. God loves saints, sinners, and terrorists. God loves smart people, stupid people, average people, happy people, sad people, angry people, nervous people, tough people, soft people, people of all races, people of all religions, people without any religion, and everyone in between. Anyone who becomes aware of God’s love as Jesus demonstrates it is saved.

Do you want to walk in victory? Try to meditate on how much God loves you and all the other people in your world. You will see the power of God intensify in your life.

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