How you impress God

bannedI grew up believing that God was impossible to please. I grew up believing I was always wrong, I needed to continuously repent because God was holy and I was a sinful man. It did not occur to me that it was possible to impress God.

No one ever told me that God could be impressed by me. No one ever mentioned that it was possible for an ordinary person like myself to impress God. It was something we always had to work towards but could not allow ourselves the luxury of even imagining that we were making our mark.

After I discovered that it is God who loves me radically, I now know that I impress God by just being me. I impress God not because of what I do but because of how He created me: in His image. I impress God because He gives me ability to impress Him through His Holy Spirit.

How do I know this is true? You may wonder.

Jesus, the express image of God, was impressed with the four friends who took their paralysed friend and destroyed a roof in order to bring him to Jesus for healing.

Jesus was impressed with a Centurion who asked Jesus to simply send his word, and it would heal the Centurion’s servant.

Jesus was impressed by the actions of a Cornelius the Centurion, who prayed and gave alms to the poor that he sent an angel to tell him.

Jesus was impressed with Dorcas, because she was kind to the poor. Dorcas was brought back from the dead and lived for a few more years touching more lives.

Notice that it is the presence of love: someone doing something for another person without expecting anything in return that really made God smile in those few examples. It was always about demonstrating love for another person that really impressed God. Can you find other examples?

Even Abraham essentially impressed God by demonstrating that he could sacrifice what was most precious to him for the sake of God, without any doubts. And as you know, God was impressed.

holding-handsYou impress God every time you show genuine kindness. You impress God every time you go out of your way to address the pain another person is suffering. You impress God every time you give. In those moments, you reflect the image of God in you: He loves and He gives.

Have a blessed day, and with confidence, make Him smile today with who are.

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